D’Selasih Cafe & Catering







We operate at Anjung Bestari AU3, near Ulu Klang, Wangsa Maju, Gombak and surrounding areas. You only need to specify your budget and we will manage your event from A to Z. Your ceremony will be so lively and meaningful. We provide tools and menus. just state your order and submit to us. We also provide the venue for you which is at Dewan Komuniti Anjung Bestari located in AU3 (opposite futsal court).

Upon customers’ demand, we expanded our service till outside Kuala Lumpur. From Shah Alam, Damansara, TTDI, you just name it. We will try our best to fulfill your needs and wants.

The price we charge is from as low as RM13.00 per head with variety of menus to choose for. Deal with us and we will give you the best price that we can give. Thank you.

Any inquiries, do call Jaafar Ismail at 0192223254


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